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Our first striping machine.

How it all started.

Stratos Strat had a motel called Dutch Gap Motel in the early 1950s. Around 1955 a man comes in to rent a room, he was driving a pickup truck with a striping machine in the back. The man rented a room for a few weeks after about three days of stay the man comes to Stratos and says "I need a helper for my job, do you know anyone?" Stratos says "I'm free and I can help you." The man says "Okay lets go do a job down the street." after a about a week the man comes back to Stratos and says "I need some money, I owe the IRS some money will you buy my pickup truck and striping machine? I will even line you up with some customers."  And that's when Stratos started the Dutch Gap Striping company in 1955. After Stratos's son known as Dino turned 18 years of age his father passed the business down to him. When Dino took over the business he added sealcoating to the list of lot maintenance.

First Striping Machine.jpg

Thank you to all our customers for the past 67 years of service and counting.
                               Over 100,000 jobs completed.

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